October 2021


About The Lesson

Week one – Craft Roulette FUNNdamentals 81
Parameter – ORANGE + 2
1. color wheel teaching
2. shading pumpkins & light source tips
3. my star card with water color pencils and no stamps

Week two – Craft Roulette FUNNdamentals 82
Parameter – Z-Fold cards
1. Basic Z-Fold
2. Double Z-Folds
3. How to draw a gnome.

Week three – Craft Roulette FUNNdamentals 83
Parameters – any four colors & FUNN folds
1.  3 tips for choosing any  four colors
2. Explosion cards – bloopers included
3. Pinwheel card
4. One card with 10 FUNN folds

Week four – Craft Roulette FUNNdamentals 84
1. Slimline cards – understanding and overcoming the obstacles of Slimline cards
TWENTY slimline samples
2. Lil’ Chubby cards – my preferred size
TWENTY-THREE Lil’ Chubby samples


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