May 2021 Study Halls

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MAY 2021 Study Halls!

Study Hall live from Bunny Trail Hall! This very informal live can hop here and there sometimes with very cool results, but not always! It is informal, unpredictable, and hopefully FUNN.

05/11/2021  Had some real FUNN transforming a cactus stamp into some other images, like tulips! Or maybe you’d like the secret of a faux banner, or how to make Audrey Hepburn from a flower pot. It’s all here, and all in one Study Hall!

05/18/21 – Tips and tricks to stamping on patterned paper is featured on this Study Hall. How to choose the paper, the stamps, and then what! Some FUNN ideas to jump start your creativity with scraps!

05/25/2021 – Experimenting with new strawberry stamps.

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