Understanding Line in Card Design

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About The Lesson

Understanding some basic design theories when making cards can help you make decisions for easier and prettier cards.

You’ll discover how lines can help you make clusters, give a formal solid visual feel, or add a spark of playfulness with lines. It is cool – I hope you’ll love it.

This set of classes (June 2021) features the design principle of line. Each week, we unpack a different style of line (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curved, and shapes). If this very thought makes you wonder, “What the heck?” take a minute and see what I mean.

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06/03 – (1 of 4 line design classes) line overview, horizontal lines, and vertical lines
06/10 – (2 of 4 line design classes) diagonal lines
06 /17 – 3 of 4 line design classes) curved lines
06/24 – (4 of 4 line design classes) all the lines in play simultaneously


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