How It Works

Below is an explination of our process. We stream, record, and archive all of our classes.

Classes Streamed Live With Community Interaction

Live Classrom Preview


Every month a new class covering the basics of paper selection, composition, theme, and photo placement. Featuring our own interactive cutting guide system and three live labs.

Card Making

Each month features a differnt technique or motif. 6+ cards will be made on stream with deep dives into the creative process that is key to utilizing the highlighted topic.

Online Crops

The last Monday of each month features a 2+ hour crop where Mary builds a unique craft from start to finish live on stream with instruction, technique explinations, and plenty of time for question and answers.

Class Recordings Archived To Our Lesson Library

Library & Lesson Preview

Extensive Notes

Each lesson is accompanied by teachers notes with time stamps, supplies list, and lesson categories. Use these to easily find information.

Videos & Photos

Videos and example photos are grouped for easy access. Extra example images are uploaded to help inspire students.


Ask questions in the Discussion tab, upload your own projects in the Homework tab, and check out the student gallery in the Gallery tab.

Lessons Paired With Our Digital Guide System

Digital Guide System Preview


Click on pieces or elements to see detailed information. Use the menu to get a summary.


Get the position, size, element type, and even special instructions for each piece or base.


You won't find this guide system anywhere else because we created it just for our students.