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  • Live Streamed Classes

    All classes are streamed live to our Classroom paired with our community chat.

  • Lesson Library

    Classes are archived in our Library and are sortable and searchable.

  • Digital Guides

    We created our own digital guide system to help us deliver as clear of information as possible.

  • No Selling Agenda

    We are not affiliated with any craft, stamp, paper, or art company.

  • Student Lounge

    Meet like minded people and share ideas in our Student Lounge.

  • Earn Rewards

    Earn points just by using our site. Spend the points in our gift shop!

  • Get Recognition

    Our site features a top student leader board, project showcase, and student galleries.

  • Direct Communication

    If you submit a project, you have the option to talk directly with Mary about your work.

  • Documentation

    We have an extensive documentation library explaining all the features of our site.

  • Tech Support

    We offer super fast and responsive support.

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