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Does this work on all devices?

Yes, this site and the video lessons are setup to play on all devices.

How can I pay for my account?

You will need to have a PayPal account with a credit card connected. We require PayPal because of it's security.

Does my account automatically renew?

Yes. The account will automatically renew and charge your PayPal account once per month.

When does my billing cycle start over?

Your billing cycle is based on when you signed up and will reset each month around the same day.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you may cancel your account at any time using the memberships page. This page is linked from the accounts page.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes at the memberships page. The price will be pro-rated cost for the month.

How often do you upload new material?

Every week.

Can I share the lessons with my clients or friends?

While you can't share my lessons or videos directly without buying another account, I encourage you to re-teach anything and everything you learn from this site.

You're always asking me if I'm a robot... What do you have against robots?

We, at FUNN University, have absolutely no problem with the robotic kind and only ask to keep our site more secure. Although, if the robots ever decide to form a rebellion against humans, we will be ready and willing to fight for the human race.

Don't see your question answered?

Just use the form below to ask me directly.