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Getting grade points is as easy as logging in to FUNN University!

All students will accrue grade points just by using FUNN University while logged in. Each grade requires a certain number of Assignments to be completed before graduating. Assignments are designated general use tasks that can only be completed, not failed. Reward Points are awarded for finishing a grade. You can redeem your Reward Points at our Gift Shop. While you have to work your way through the grades in traditional order, assignments are tracked and counted towards future grades. Example: If you upload homework as a freshmen, it will be counted towards the Senior assignment.

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Ways to earn Grade Points

Student Activities

  • +100 points for registering as a student
  • +100 points for uploading a unique avatar (first time only)
  • +25 points for attending a live class
  • +10 points checking the live class schedule
  • +5 points for Logging in (once per day)

Student Lounge

  • +100 points for introducing yourself on this lounge forum
  • +10 points for creating topics in the lounge (5/day limit)
  • +10 points if someone else 'likes' your post
  • +5 points for replying to topics in the lounge (5/day limit)
  • +2 points for 'liking' someones post

Lesson Library

  • +25 points for submitting Homework on a lesson (2/week limit)
  • +10 points for participating in the lesson discussion on lesson page (5/day limit)
  • +10 points for getting the professor to comment on your Homework
  • +10 points for watching a video in the lesson library

Ways To Earn Reward Points

Currently, the only way to earn Reward Points is when you graduate to a new grade or by submitting a testimonial.

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