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Welcome to the University! We are glad you are here, and we want to meet you, so, please, don't be shy, tell us about yourself in the Lounge!

Rewards for Completion

  • 500 Reward Points


You are now a sophomore - YEAH! We appreciate your work, and wish you well on your sophomore journey. We’d love to hear what your favorite classes are, and the lounge is the perfect place to tell us.

Rewards for Completion

  • 750 Reward Points


By now, campus life is familiar at FUNN University at this point. Keep it up! We love to see your growth!

Rewards for Completion

  • 1,000 Reward Points


Your grade may be Senior, but we know you are forever young at heart! You are now esteemed by the incoming Freshman, and we ask you to come along side and encourage them in their campus studies and social life. Thanks!

Rewards for Completion

  • 2,000 Reward Points

Grad Student

We are so proud of your accomplishments! You are becoming a leader, and your craft skills are rocking! Learning never ends, and as a grad student you know that well. We know your leadership comes from learning, and the two are inseparable.

Rewards for Completion

  • 3,000 Reward Points


Kiss your brain. You are quite accomplished at FUNN U. Friendships have been formed. Crafts have been enjoyed. We are amazed at what you have done, and we applaud you.

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