Lesson Pages

Last updated on Apr 19, 2020 @ 10:12 pm

Lessons Pages are the way we archive videos, examples, guides, homework and discussions grouped by class and subject. Lessons are indexed in our Lesson Library, which is sortable and searchable. Lesson topics change each month, so each lesson's page contains a month's worth of information sorted into multiple videos and info tabs. Below is a description of what each Tab will contain.

The Lesson

The lesson tab contains the teachers notes, which is a text description of what is found in the video lessons. This also includes some additional information, measurements, and details that might have been omitted from original video lesson.


Under the Guides Tab, you will find an easy to navigate reference to the card design used in Lab and its Card Foundation Variations. More details on our Guides Core Concept can be found under the documentation and/or video about Guides.


The Examples opens up the University’s gallery of the projects made during the labs. They are posted shortly after the live lab and are labeled by the week, so they are easy to track down on the archived lab video and in the Teacher’s Notes. 


As FUNN University strives to promote ideas instead of a specific product or product line, the Products tab will list generic types of items used. During the video, specific products are often noted, and that may be very helpful for you.


Students are super encouraged to show off their version of each lesson in Homework. Whether a student creates and wants to post right after a class or years later, uploading to a specific Lesson, helps everyone get new ideas on a topic. After a student posts to Homework, they will receive a private note from “the Professor,” too, which is pretty groovy. 


Homework projects are automatically added to the Gallery for everyone to see.


The Discussion tab can be especially useful because it is the place to post lesson specific questions and comments concerning the lesson. This is the spot to share tips learned from the experience of making a lesson-related project, and give a shout-out to your fellow students on their Gallery posts!

One of the best parts of these lesson-specific tabs is how easy it is to find information shared and taught during the lesson! 

See Parent Documentation: Lessons
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