Study Hall

Last updated on Oct 6, 2020 @ 8:33 am

What is Study Hall?

Study Hall is a live broadcast creative session that is not fully recorded or archived. It's a perfect time to hang out and ask questions about the site or any project you are working on.


FUNNdamentals a very flexible and loose class that is sometimes recorded live DURING Study Hall. The reason we do this is because FUNNdamentals length, subject, and schedule isn't set in stone and changes with every class. Putting it inside of Study Hall allows us to record during a live class.

When does it happen?

Every Monday Night at 6:30 pm Central Time. Except on the last Monday of the month, when Crop Lab is scheduled.

How Long Does It Last?

45-60 minutes.

Where is it broadcast?

In our Live Classroom page here on FUNN University.

See Parent Documentation: Classes & Labs
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