Crop Lab

Last updated on Apr 26, 2020 @ 7:08 pm

What is covered in this class?

Every month, Crop Lab features a variety of projects you may want to create using a variety of media, products, and projects.  Each class is self-contained and does not carry over to the next month. Project types have included painting, making a framed craft meme, learning to draw mandalas, and creating an art box (all are in the Lesson Library). Crop Lab is a wonderful time to spend time together, be creative together, and get to know each other while exploring crafts. The craft is FUNN, yes, but it is just the beginning of being creative and inspired.

How long is this class?

This class lasts around two hours or less.

How many projects each class?

We start and complete one large project every crop.

What do I bring to class?

Please check the Lounge under Lesson Prep for details each month.

What is the recurring class schedule?

This class is broadcast live on the last Monday of every month.

Is this class recorded or archived?

Yes, see the Lesson Library documentation for details.

See Parent Documentation: Classes & Labs
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