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Last updated on Apr 20, 2020 @ 3:27 pm

Do you offer courses?

Our classes are on-going and topics last an entire month. Since we don't offer courses in the traditional sense, we just call them classes.

What is a class?

Classes are how we sort our sessions by project type. We understand that not all scrapbookers want to make cards and vice versa. Lesson topics will cross over between the classes but the project type won't.

What is a lab?

A lab refers to a singular live and/or recorded teaching session on FUNN University. A month's worth of archived labs make up a Lesson. See the Lesson Library documentation for details.

What should I expect?

FUNN, community, encouragement, and endless creativity.

Do I need specific products?

We are product neutral and have no investment or affiliation with any company or manufacturer. Our lessons are designed around ideas and not specific products. We encourage our students to use what they already have in their stash. Mary was a Close To My Heart consultant for 20 years, so there are lots of CTMH's products, but they are not required to complete any project.

Is there a shopping list?

Not exactly, there is a generic products used list on the Lessons page, but our classes are designed to allow our students to use what ever products they have available in their stash.

What time should I show up?

Our live classes start at 6:30 pm Central time. The Classroom opens 10 minutes(ish) before class. Feel free to show up early if you want to chat and socialize!

What should I bring to class?

All we require is a willing attitude and a steady internet connection. We also post a prep list in the Lounge detailing any equipment that might be needed.

For the best experience, students find it beneficial to bring a notebook and writing utensil. Live labs might move a little fast to create along and learn the techniques. We upload the recording the same night as the broadcast, so students can go back and cover anything they might've missed.

Do you use fancy equipment?

Not really. Classes can be equipment focused but we try to stick with tools students can use over and over. Check our Studio documentation for more details.

Am I expected to make anything?

We think it best to pay attention and ask questions during class and create after. But we also don't mind if you create along with us. This is really up to the student and their abilities.

Is class attendance mandatory?

Absolutely not. We record and archive everything in our Lesson Library. See documentation for details. However, you do earn Grade Points if you show up at live classes.

What is the difference between the Classroom and the Library?

The Classroom hosts the live classes as they are broadcast. The Library holds the recorded archive of the live class. If you miss any live broadcast or want to review the class, you can find it in the Library. See the Library documentation for more details.

Are there different teachers?

Not at this time. Mary is responsible for the content you find on FUNN U.

Are classes every week?

We're live every week but each class has its own recurring schedule.

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