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Scrapbook Lab Syllabus

We know it is important for you to get the most from your enrollment, and that includes the ability to plan ahead and prepare.

Understanding this, we have developed a schedule for our Creative College labs that will enable students to get the most during their craft time, and from our University.

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Each Scrapbook Lab is a month long series of classes that result in the creation of four unique 2-page 12”x 12” layouts using paper from a Close To My Heart scrapbooking kit. Classes are a mix of prerecorded videos, interactive guides, and live workshops. Students are welcomed to follow along or work at their own speed.

Scrapbook Lab Syllabus

The Classes

The Scrapbook Lab is one of our more complex lesson formats featuring multiple class types that span an entire month. Each month's classes are stored in a single lesson page that are found in our library.

To best facilitate your time, the intro and first two classes for each Scrapbook Lab are pre-recorded and posted on the 1st of every month. Classes 1 and 2 utilize our custom made interactive guide system paired with instructional videos to help make your life as a student as easy as possible. Pre-recording and releasing the videos as a group will give you a decent amount of time to get your work ready for the live labs. Below is more info on what is included with each class.

The Intro

A video where we go over the kit, the layouts, special requirements, and prepare for the next four steps. This is generally a very short class but it has a lot of valuable information.

Released on the 1st Day of every month

Step 1: Prep & Cutting Guide

An interactive cutting guide presented with an embedded step-by-step video, paper swatches, color coordinated instructions, and a sidebar with complete dimensions for each piece built to guide you through the Prep & Cutting of all your paper. Students can choose how they want to work through this class and will be able to quickly cut all the paper for all four of the 2-page 12”x 12” layouts.

Suggested Supplies
  • Bring 12” trimmer, layout bases (usually White Daisy 12” card stock), scissors, notebook & pencil for thoughts, project bags or files for individual layout pieces (see next item), and whatever you love to have when you make a layout (chocolate, tea, chocolate, etc).
  • 4 Project Bags or folders labeled A (blue), B (yellow), C (pink), and D (green).

Released on the 1st Day of every month

Step 2: Assembly Guide

An interactive assembly guide presented with an embedded step-by-step video designed to help students find quick success in layout building. This class features our FUNN University “bare-bones” approach to layout assembly. Students will easily see where each piece of paper should be placed for a professionally designed look.

Suggested Supplies
  • Bring a variety of paper-to-paper adhesives, glue dots, scissors, trimmer, notebook & pencil for ideas, layout pieces from last week, layout bases, photos (if you have them), and whatever you love to have when you make a layout.
  • Bring (if possible) your ideas for use of the layouts, memories, and stories. Your story could be just the thing to spark a memory with a classmate.

Released on the 1st Day of every month

Step 3: Workshop (Live Lab)

On the second Tuesday of the month, FUNN University goes LIVE for a Scrapbook Workshop! Here the students and the professor can interact via a quick responding chat window. Each “bare-bones” layout is discussed. Helpful ideas for possible use, suggested titles, photo placement, journaling ideas, and stash ideas are introduced, too. This class is designed to get you thinking of how you want to finish your layout to enjoy for years to come. Student interaction is a valued resource during this class.

Suggested Supplies
  • Bring to class your photos, stories, memorabilia to support your story.
  • Bring a variety of paper-to-paper adhesives, glue dots, scissors , trimmer , notebook & pencil for ideas, layouts from last week, cardstock for mats, photos (if you have them), page protectors, journaling pen, Flip Flaps , Picture My Life Cards (if you want), My Legacy Album , and whatever you love to have when you make a layout.
  • If the titles you want are different than the ones in the kit, bring what you’ve die cut, stamped, or drawn!

Live on the 2nd Tuesday of Every Month

Step 4: Finishing (Live Lab)

The third Tuesday of the month, gathers us for another LIVE class, where the professor finishes a layout before your eyes. You may enjoy making suggestions, taking notes, or making a layout along with your class during this hour long class. Double FUNN comes when you post your finished layout to our to our Homework system and get Grade Points as your reward!

Live on the 3rd Tuesday of Every Month

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