Papercraft Art Education with an Emphasis on FUNN

Live on YouTube.com/FUNNUniversity

FUNN University is Mary Gunn FUNN’s paper crafting art education YouTube channel. FUNN U. started as a private, premium site in 2019. We moved to a free format in the Spring of 2021. All lessons are streamed live with chat interaction and are archived on this site.

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Core Concepts

Teaching Style

  • Easy to follow and understand
  • We believe in breaking down ideas to very understandable bites so students can run with the ideas.
  • All classes are presented via a high-def video stream with the best camera angle available. 100% shake free camera!

Ideas, not Product

  • Use the products you love.
  • We sell no products and are not affiliated with any manufacturing company.
  • Many of us have been collecting great paper crafting products for years, then buying some more, and more without stopping and using them. We use products that many paper crafters will have in their collection already.
  • Your supplies, your style, our support.

Student Centric

  • Your enjoyment, understanding, and confidence is our goal
  • If the student doesn’t walk away from a class feeling like they can’t succeed, we haven’t succeeded.

Classes Are Free

  • All live classes and archived videos are free and hosted on our YouTube channel.
  • If you want bonus content like image galleries, project dimensions, and extra tips / tricks, you can choose to pledge support through our Patreon in exchange for bonus content.