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Hi, I'm Mary Gunn.

I like to have FUNN creating things.

I have 25+ years experience teaching arts & crafts to all ages. My goal with FUNN University is to create compelling, high quality art education that inspires others to create. I would like to invite you to join our creative community.

How Our Classes Work

1. Streamed & Recorded Live

Classes are broadcast live to our virtual classroom. Students can ask questions, make comments, have funn, and even have their chat messages featured in the lesson.

2. Added to Library

Class recordings are added to the lesson library along with teachers notes, photo examples, digital guides/maps, category tags, discussion forum, and homework gallery.

3. Participation Encouraged

Student's can upload their lesson inspired projects as homework. Homework uploads are added to the Student Gallery and Student Showcase live stream.

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Not your average online class

Take a look at some of our core concepts that set us apart

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Simple to Use

We built our website with our student's experience foremost in mind. Many of our features have been custom developed to enhance the ease of use of our site.

[ Lesson Pages feature lots of additional information ]

Teaching Style

FUNN University's lessons are easy to follow and understand. We believe in breaking down ideas to very understandable bites so students can run with the ideas and have the confidence to use them in their own projects.

[ Our hi-def video shows lessons clearly ]

Ideas not Product

We have no product selling agenda. We use products that many paper crafters will have in their collection already. We encourage student's to use the products they already own and love.

[ We have an active student community forum ]

Student Centric

Our goal is to go above and beyond to help our students get the most out of the site and lessons. We listen to feedback and make necessary changes to enhance the student experience.

[ Our guide system maps out projects ]

Use Your Stuff

You bought it because you love it, now enjoy it. The use of all products from all companies is welcome. We would love to see the tools you are working with!

[ Our live classroom has FUNN chat ]

Welcoming Community

We are a friendly staff and student body. While you can use the site completely anonymously, you will be welcomed into our group if you want to be.

FUNN‌ ‌University’s‌ ‌unique‌ ‌process‌ ‌captures‌ ‌the‌ ‌magic‌ ‌of‌ ‌learning‌ ‌and‌ ‌creating‌ ‌together.‌

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Testimonials from our Students

Lee from Alberta, Canada


Alberta, Canada

I was waiting to submit my testimonial until I had submitted some homework. I look forward to coming here each day and learning new techniques and getting to know people better, so I thought I would get it done now. Very grateful for the free month. However, after the first week or so I was hooked. So very grateful I joined. Also, if the price goes up I wouldn’t hesitate to pay it, knowing what I know now. You are enriching my life and I thank you.
Barbara from Kansas



I spend a lot of money buying quality products to preserve my family’s memories and to create hand made gifts. These lessons pay for themselves by sparking creativity and helping me be more efficient with my products. I am always amazed when we finish a paper pack and there is very little left. FUNN University is a friendly, engaging, and encouraging community which feeds my own artistic abilities and helps me thrive in my chosen medium of self-expression. Thank you!
Sherri from Kentucky



I have so enjoyed my time in FUNN University and have learned so much more than I'd anticipated. Not only have we learned new techniques, we've covered color and composition and how to make them work together. This has given me more confidence when putting together my own layouts. The friends I've made have been so encouraging and supportive and are just one more thing that's helped to build confidence in my own abilities.
Kim from Florida



I LOVE FUNN University! I joined after getting to know Mary in a Facebook group, where I enjoyed her techniques and artwork that she displayed there. I was looking for an avenue to Learn more, so that I might be able to Teach better at my own classes and crops. I have learned so much more than I was hoping for AND made some great new friends here as well. I am accomplishing my own crafting, by using the tools we are taught each lesson, as well as learning those techniques to teach others and I am finishing MY projects now. I even use my projects from FUNN U in my own classes as examples and sometimes teach from them as well. It's a fantastic group and the lesson plans are easy to follow. I look forward to each class to see what she has planned next!
Vicki from Washington State


Washington State

I joined FUNN University because I liked the sample of art I had seen from the head professor. I didn't expect to learn so many new things and make new friends so quickly. I have been given the tools and confidence to try drawing, painting, letting go of perfect, and enjoy crafting again! Thank you for all the inspiration!
Patty from Tennessee



I've admired Mary Gunn's work for several years. Recently, I decided to make learning new techniques, style concepts, and selecting colors a crafting priority. Mary demonstrates and explains what she is doing in each live, interactive lesson as she creates a project. She makes it look so easy that I had to try it myself. She is very encouraging with each of the projects I've submitted. Her lessons have helped me become more confident with content, color, and placement when I scrapbook and make cards. Crafting is joy again! Thank you!
Christy from Missouri



FUNN University has been great tool to re-spark my LOVE for crafting! The lessons are wonderful and have really stretched me to get out of my comfort zone, try some new techniques, and use the products I have collected over the years. What I am most excited about is getting back into my scrapbooking.... the foundations & scrapbook planner ideas are helping me not feel overwhelmed and give me a place to start getting those precious memories in albums to enjoy for years to come!
Amy P from Illinois

Amy P


I love FUNN University! I have been papercrafting for decades and have still been learning all sorts of great things and meeting new crafty friends. Hope to see you on campus. :)